Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I finally get to sit down on the subway

It's unfair that we have to make decisions like where to sit on the subway first thing in the morning. Most often there are no seats by the time the train gets to my stop. But this A.M. there it was, the glorious open seat on the B. But the second I sat down my brain caught up. It told me about the stickyness below my seat, not like something had been dropped on the floor but rather like a liquid had spillith over from the seat. And it noticed the faint smell of bum, which didn't appear to be emanating from anyone around me (people were looking pretty normal this morning, it was strange). And it tried to remember if it saw anything wet on the seat before I sat down, but couldn't remember. But since on the commuter subway a seat is like getting a mansion for free, I hunkered down and rode that train, telling myself someone spilt their soda last night. But that doesn't mean I won't smell like a bum's piss for the rest of the day...

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