Sunday, April 10, 2011


NYC you got me today, it was not cool.

I was walking up to the Astoria BLVD subway stop when I remembered that I was going to have to buy a new 30 day Metro card. I thought well that's annoying, ESPECIALLY since they raised the price to $104 in January. So I get to the stop and in a last minute thought of "maybe I was wrong in thinking I needed a new card": INSUFFICIENT FARE.

Then all four card kiosks are flashing CASH ONLY and I don't have any cash with me.


I ask the attendant what I can do and she says "go find a cash machine." Meanwhile I have already missed 1 train. I go downstairs and since there are no Chases around, I go to a convenience store to use their ATM. Of course whenever I am at an ATM I am always getting $40 or $60 out. I thought well I owe my brother some money so I'll get $100. After I send it through I realize that 30 subway passes are $104 and I didn't have enough. Then I had to do another transaction. Since it wasn't a Chase ATM I got charged $1.50 TWICE for using the machine!

Then when I went back to the subway stop the machines were taking cards again! C'MON!


Chase also charges you $2 for a non-chase ATM withdrawal. +$4. Unbelievable.

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