Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What are you pointing at?

So this is more of a 'new yorker, we're fighting' post, because the city did nothing wrong except allow this man in...
but this is what I could have seen last night at the TV On The Radio show:

Instead I saw this most of the time:

To clarify: this is a tall man throwing his arm up at the stage.

Now if this had been a ska show, or Limp Bizkit, I might have let it go (though I would be confused as to how I ended up at a Limp Bizkit show in the first place). And no matter the venue I could accept his over the top arm gestures because he was genuinely excited about the music IF he had any rhythm or was raising his arm during poignant lyrics. But no, it was at any and every moment and it was right in my line of vision. In short: put your pointy arm gestures the hell down. And maybe keep an eye on your extremely wasted girlfriend who can barely stand beside you.

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