Friday, April 15, 2011

How Do You Know I Work Here?

Strand customers: If someone doesn't have a name tag on, that person either a) doesn't work at Strand or b) is on break and will not help you at all. Shouting "Excuse me!" as I walk away from you and ignore you is not going to help. I have no name tag on, go ask someone else.

How do you even know I work here? Do I look like a Strand employee? Do I give off a Strand stench? Do you come here that often that you know what every employee looks like? If so, thanks for the support and my paycheck but that's super creepy. Or, are you just a self-entitled asshole that has never worked retail before and thinks any 20something in a bookstore in the middle of the day works there and MUST help you now.

Here's a simple guide if you're in Strand and you can't figure out where the fiction section is though you're standing in the middle of it and you need help from someone. Employees have yellow name tags that say "ASK ME" on them attached to a red lanyard wrapped around their neck. Ask them for help. If you do not see this identifier, do not, repeat, DO NOT ask for help.

Bright yellow name tag, red lanyard = Ask!
No bright yellow name tag = Don't ask!

You're welcome.

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